Good Place. Good People.

How does a place become “good”? Is it by its geographical location? Or by the activities that happen there? Or by the people who gather there? And what makes a person “good”? By their background? Or by what they do? 105 Gibson Centre’s Cultural Café ministry strives to be a place where the community can

A Faithful Servant

~By Edwin Li I was invited to be the Chair of 105 Gibson Centre’s Phase 2 Construction Committee two years ago. It was a big role to fill as it involved understanding each ministry’s needs and requirements, selecting the architect, lawyer and general contractor, not to mention attending regular meetings. I was hesitant at first

Another Milestone!

~By YY Chan YY Chan was the project manager of 105 Gibson Centre’s Phase 2 Construction Project. His main tasks included analyzing the entire project, updating stakeholders on the progress, preparing budgets, controlling costs and quality, and aligning the timeline to prevent interruption of the Centre’s daily operations and ensuring that the construction could be

A Home that Shines Light into My Life

Marco has been working at the 105 Gibson Cultural Café since it opened in 2014. His optimism and great sense of humour makes it difficult to imagine the hardship he faces as a visually impaired person (VIP). He was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and gradually lost his vision by his mid-30s. Shortly after, he became

New Culture. New Friends. New Family

~By Virginia I witnessed a drastic change in my nephew Kenny’s life during the three years he joined the 105 Gibson’s Youth Services A Meal Together program. Born in Shanghai, Kenny was educated in an international school with his younger brother and grew up with two nannies at home. This “western” and luxurious upbringing had

The Beauty of Reciprocal Appreciation

By Amy Chui While most of 105 Gibson’s programs run year-round, the Tax Clinic opens only from March to April – the shortest of any programs at the Centre. Yet, its history is longer than the Centre itself. It began when 12 volunteers from the Toronto Christian Community Church’s English congregation spearheaded the tax clinic

Receiving and Offering Support

Lily volunteers at the Tax Clinic and she shares her story from receiving help to offering help. She came to Canada in 2010 and had few friends here. She encountered difficulties in coping with the new environment and studies, thus her depression worsened and she required medication and counselling. Her life turned around when she

An Unexpected Gift from Heaven

By Nora Yeung Our Thrift Store has been serving the community since 2015 with a primary objective of serving those in need. Previously a volunteer gave a set of bed linen and pillowcase to a missionary as a gift. This small kind gesture brought tremendous joy as they replaced the old set while giving thanks

A Wish to Nap Here

By Mrs. Siu Fei Tsui Mrs. Tsui is a 94 year old lady with small but intelligent eyes. Due to her weak hearing, our conversation was conducted by writing on paper. She is particularly fond of attending the medical and health talks at 105 Gibson Centre as she finds them very helpful and informational. She