~By YY Chan

YY Chan was the project manager of 105 Gibson Centre’s Phase 2 Construction Project. His main tasks included analyzing the entire project, updating stakeholders on the progress, preparing budgets, controlling costs and quality, and aligning the timeline to prevent interruption of the Centre’s daily operations and ensuring that the construction could be completed safely and legally. There were many challenges including recruiting team, finding suitable architects and contractors and solving problems from Phase 1 construction. Yet he witnessed God’s guidance along the way. He was thankful that the construction was not affected by the snowy winter weather and no industrial accidents happened. It was God’s grace that the entire project completed on time and within budget under the cooperation of all parties. YY learned how to integrate his accounting and project management experience with the needs of the ministry. He also learned about the significance of humbling himself and understanding other people’s perspectives so that we could complement each other. When YY was asked about his feelings after the completion of the project, he answered, “I am very happy to see more space and programs being brought into the community”

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