James immigrated to Canada over 40 years ago and is now retired. He is quite active and enjoys playing sports in his spare time. He used to play badminton but had also explored other sports. He has recently learned to play pickleball which is a combination of tennis, table tennis and badminton. To James, it is a less rigorous and a more age-appropriate game for him to play. Now he plays pickleball at least once a week at YMCA and different community centres in Richmond Hill. He heard about 105 Gibson Centre through a friend who comes to play pickleball on Thursdays, and he decided to join him. He was able to meet new friends here too.

Among the centres that he visits for pickleball, he likes 105 Gibson the most as the location is close to where he lives. The facility is bright, clean and well maintained as compared to other places that he had visited. One part that stands out as different at 105 Gibson for James is the ample sitting area. He enjoys having a drink in the café and relaxing after playing pickleball. Sometimes he would watch youth play basketball. This is something that he does not see or do at other community centres. He also finds the people here friendly and the ambiance vibrant with many activities happening. This is a place where he can stay behind after the pickleball sessions to relax and socialize with others.

James had come to the Centre for almost three months now and is enjoying the positive experience. He recently brought a new friend to play pickleball here and he would definitely encourage other friends to come and have fun here too!

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