~By Edwin Li

I was invited to be the Chair of 105 Gibson Centre’s Phase 2 Construction Committee two years ago. It was a big role to fill as it involved understanding each ministry’s needs and requirements, selecting the architect, lawyer and general contractor, not to mention attending regular meetings. I was hesitant at first but the Bible reminded me to use the talents I have received to serve others as a faithful servant of God’s grace (1 Peters 4:11) so I accepted this invitation.

I am glad that the new spaces will be utilized by various ministries to serve the community. People often think of Christian missions as going overseas. But in the Bible, Jesus also taught us to love our neighbours who are in need. I believe 105 Gibson is an excellent local mission ground for us to serve and love those in our community.

In the two years I have also learned to be faithful to God. Quite often we solve problems based on our own knowledge. My experience as a professional engineer certainly helped in this project. But more importantly, I learned to rely on God for His guidance and He will provide the best for us.  The past two years had been a very valuable lesson for me and I am thankful for being part of this journey.

Many people attended the Phase 2 Grand Opening and they were curious to learn more about the Centre. I hope that one day they will be our users and volunteers in serving the community together.

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