How it Works

After registration, you’ll receive information to join the Discord server. This is where all communication and sign ups will happen.

After a short virtual meet and greet, students will go through orientation with their mentor and can ask questions about the program. Students are required to have a mic and use it during online meetings.

As they become available, projects will be posted for sign up based on first-come-first-serve basis. Students are responsible for signing up based on their interest and ability, showing up on time, and letting us know of any absences.

Project availability is based on local restrictions and is subject to change. Many projects are in-person. We continue to try to find at-home and virtual projects in addition to the in-person projects.

Time commitment

Students can sign up for as many projects as they like. That could be one, or ten. The number of hours earned is up to the student’s availability, interest, and time they want to devote.

Along with the projects, students receive community service hours for training and mentor meetings. After every 10 hours completed, students meet with their mentor online for personal development. They’ll talk about what they enjoyed, struggles, and how it can develop their future goals.

Students can join in at any point through the year while registration is open.

Community service hours

At the end of the program, students receive a signed certificate with the number of hours completed. School sheets are signed upon request.

40 hours & beyond vs. influencers program

Influencers Program is a separate program focusing on leadership development. Previously the Youth Council was part of the 40 Hours & Beyond Program. It has branched out on it’s own to allow each program to better meet the needs of the students registered. For more information, visit