Strengths Workshop for Young Adults May 11 and 25

Have you ever wondered why you make certain choices? Why are you drawn to certain activities or subjects? There is a simple and powerful reason:
It is the talents in you!

CliftonStrengths will be used in the workshop to let youth discover and apply their strengths in daily living, study and career path finding. It is a world renowned strength assessment tool used by leading universities to help students select courses where they can excel. It is used by Google, Intel, Toyota and leading organizations to help employees become more effective in their roles and responsibilities. This tool can help you discover your strengths.

The workshop is divided into parts I and II. You need to attend both.

Date: Saturday May 11 and 25
Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am
Location: 105 Gibson Centre

Suitable for people age 17 – 25
Fee is CAD $20 for workshop
US $19.99 for online CliftonStrengths assessment

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