Spring Passion Senior Camp Jul 4 – Aug 24

Spring Passion Senior Summer Camp

July 4 to August 24, 2017
Tuesday and Thursday  from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

This program is funded by New Horizons, a Federal Government grantCome and learn how we can stay strong and be joyful in this Spring Passion Camp!  Reserve your seat or for enquiry, please visit Centre Reception or call 905.946.8787

活力長者日營  •  活出豐盛生命

逢週二及週四 上午10時至下午4時

由聯邦政府資助,內容豐富: 舒活筋骨、健身運動、創意手工藝、生命故事分享、郊遊、養生講座、健康午膳及茶點等。報名或查詢,請與中心接待員聯絡。


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