40 Days & Beyond…

Keep the Votes Coming for 40 Hours and Beyond … Thank you for your dedication and support in keeping us in the top 20. Top 30 will be awarded. We are in the final stages…  Please remember to vote DAILY and continue to spread the news to your friends until 12:00pm noon December 12th  for the Aviva Insurance Community Fund Award – Pastor Jonathan Chan

Vote every day by scanning the QR code below or click http://bit.ly/VsV6GK:

謝 謝大家和你你們的朋友的支持。我們「四十小時義工師友同行計劃」在第三輪的投票中得九千一百多票,整體位列第三,在五萬至十萬元資助級別中排第一,順利進 入了準決賽。明天開始一連兩星期將與其他九十多入圍者爭前三十名支持率。請大家繼續支持投票,由於只是每人一戶口,要勝出的話就要不斷盡早外傳消息又持續 不斷(由十二月三日星期一至十二月十二日中午前)天天投票天天提醒人投票及鼓勵人外傳,唯有持續不斷的擴大投票網才有勝算。已登記者只需繼續用舊戶口。大 堂有登記桌設立。投票網址為:http://bit.ly/VsV6GK

Thank you very very much for your support and your friends’ support, we got into the semi-final with 9,100+ votes in the third round. That is the third at all levels and the first in the middle range of $ 5K to $ 10K. Starting this coming Monday for two weeks (Dec 3-Dec 12, before noon), we would be competing with over 90+ ideas in the semi-final round. The top 30 most voted ideas would be awarded. We need your help. Please use only one account to vote and therefore, spread the news even further and ask your friends to spread the news. The only way to win is to expand the network of supports that is even bigger than the last round. If you have registered, please just use the old account – Pastor Jonathan Chan.

A booth for new registration is set up in the atrium. The Weblink is: http://bit.ly/VsV6GK