Gibson 1:1 Match

Gibson 1:1 Match Update

Gibson Update… For Phase 1A construction of a total value of $2,000,000 at 105 Gibson, as approved by the ECB, Church Expansion Committee has instructed Teeple Architects to engage a Construction Manager company to assist the planning, phasing and tendering of various construction trade packages in the next few months. Once various trades are on board, the Construction Manager company will take over and enter into a stipulated lump sum fixed price contract with TCCC to construct and complete Phase 1A. Should anyone know any capable Construction Manager company which may be interested to bid on this project, please contact Alex Lui ( or George Wong ( by February 14, 2012 for pre-qualification.

教會執委會已於一月會議中通過105 Gibson 第1A期建築工程預算總數為$2,000,000。擴堂委員會已通知建築師Teeple Architects 負責招聘一間建築工程管理公司 (Construction Management Company) 於未來數月內協助有關工程之分期計劃及各建築工種(Construction Trades)之招標。當各建築工種承建商被確定後、該建築工程管理公司會與教會簽訂一份總值不超過 $2,000,000 的合約、承包第1A期之工程。如有認識有關及有能力承包此項工程的建築工程管理公司者、務請於2月14日或之前聯絡呂敏華執事( 或黃卓智執事 (。